Sunday, July 25, 2010

hate that i love you ××

lately, i've had this massive life change thingy. like, EPIPHANY! BING!i was just sitting there in my squishy turny chair after being raged at, and looking at the window, watching how the droplets hit the window and taking in the shapes of the cloud (pretty much just blanking out) and then BAM! i realised what i had to do.
i look at everything differently now, i used to see everything upside down, now it's all right side up 8) i've grown a new appreciation for people, thankyou people for being there for me when i was down ^^ i've only just realised how much you guys have done for me, LOL  yes -a bit slow- but THANK YOU (: 
thank you for being there for me.
thank you for being good to me.
thank you for listening to me rant and then just sitting there in silence with me.
thank you for sharing your love with me.
thank you for looking out for me.

wow, i think i've written thank you so much, it looks weird now o.o it looks like....SPANK YOU (;
umm well on a more, not so deep thought? 
i've been asked if i wanted to train for a tournament, like i'd be personally trained to fight and use techniques and blah! WHAT. AN. HONOUR! ^^ but honestly, i think i'm too unco for a fight. i'd hurt myself before my opponent can hurt me =/ shall i consider? it means being hardcore and the possibility of getting injured.
to fight? or not to fight? that is the question.

too much of anything can make you sick,
even the good can be a curse.
makes it hard to know which road to go down,
knowing too much can get you hurt.
quitting's out of the question,
when it gets tough gotta fight some more.

Friday, June 18, 2010


you know those jokes, that sometimes get a little bit too far? and then people begin to take them seriously? and then there's this whole awkward situation. STICKY!
yeah, I'm one of those people, I start a joke and then turn it serious and it actually begins to sound believable. I did that today. He believed me.
I'm sorry for causing you any worry; I didn't mean to scare you or upset you. Just to let you know, I'm truly sorry and that I was wrong to mess around with your feelings.
Sometimes I think I go overboard; and then do crazy stuff O: you're good to me, you care about me and you're really considerate. You're a good person. I'm evil. Sorry. 
hopefully, my X's and O's made it up to you (;
'' you can be the tear that i cry if we ever split...''

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When we're constantly 
wishing for something,
 we over look everything 
we already have.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

you can be the peanut butter to my jelly.

Holy shoot! Haven’t blogged in what would be like foreveer. not saying that I know what forever means because that would mean I would be like...uber old o.o
How do people keep their blogs alive? -coughcough- crystal

Has anybody realised how much things have changed recently? Ok, maybe not for you reading follower person; but I think my life's changed in the past month in the half -give or take a few days- one tiiiiiiiiiiiny thing led to another, an event led to new friendships, new friendships led to ‘’closeness’’ hehe and then that closeness led to many other things, which I shall not mention and you creepy little kids can go make up your own conclusion. But has anyone realised how one thing can lead to another, which would lead to another which then in turn has a long term effect and then things have changed so much for you, for so long that you forget how things were? Before that event happened and you met certain people.
Whooa, that was confusing. Even for me….everything’s confusing for me.
Oh crap, this sounds like one of those soppy blogs ): one of those D&M blogs -nudgenudgewinkwink- COUGH silent T

PUBLIC HOLIDAY. noo school, SCIENCE TEST TMR. i dont like marussich, he cnt teach D<
OMG, i'm annoyed. i was suppose to go out today, then all this last minute stuff ): screw it, i'm staying home and being a loser, i'm blogging O: 
hey person, can you just, leave me alone for a bit? give me some space. you're there when i dnt really need you, and when i do need you. god knows where you are.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN 8) i'm a suck up

Maybe sometimes you have to stop
waiting for someone to come along
and fix what's wrong.

Maybe you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself
and realise that no one has the answer.
Sometimes, you have to be your own hero.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Kerry Talks Blue waffles

A hoy hoy :D
I am Kimberleys concience. Cause i ALWAYS know whats right. YEE

Blue Waffles

"Whats a blue waffle. Kerry?" i hear you ask..
Well, Kimberley told me this actually,
Waffle is a slang word for vagina
and Blue Waffle is a slang word for a serious vaginal disease..And no im not a gross lesbian pervert.
When i talk about a Blue Waffle, Im talking about someone in particular. Its a metaphor? Personification? I dont know i suck at poetry.. lets see
Little birdie in the sky
The messenger of the sky
Then something splat in my eye
Jeeze, I thank the lord that cows dont fly
*clap clap clap*
Back to the Blue Waffle..
I dont know this Blue Waffle well.. So i'll try not to be too judgemental..
The Blue Waffle is supposed to be a kniving creature and is to be feared at all times. It has connections.. and i'm talking about Mr.Candycane-ties-are-awesome and Mrs.Im-fat-and-i-waddle. :O Scary aye?
So as Kimson's concience, i'll just have to tell her to stay away.. abstinence is key.. and the same goes with KimsonII.. Not too close there. LOL

Yeah, anyone who follows my Talks is a loser and should get a life cause im gonna be writing about random shit and dorky things..

If anyones gonna insult me.. ill just beat you to it

Im a loser, dork and i have no life, yes its hard to take me seriously and yes, my face will blind you. I'm a terrible person and you hate me and im gay. That it? so HA BITCHES I BEAT YOU TO IT, NOW GO HAVE A CRY

Your mum is cooler than me ;)


Monday, December 7, 2009

an ordinary day yeah?

so you'd think that it being the last week of school, nothing happens yeah? everything's gay and we all just can't wait until the holidays start. wrong.
man, who the hell gets high in the morning =='' laughing at random shit, thats probably not all that funny o.o ''CHECK IT LADIES~'' -shows tigger bandaid on my ankle- ==
wang and esther ....==''
''kim, you're so gay''
ngegh, i now i laugh loud, so everyone turns their head xD even that ''certain someone'' looks up to see what the rackets about. -sighs- i can't help it,
oh and last night i had like this epic dream, and it so totally worked in my head. so i turned my ''epic dream'' into a ''master plan'' that will most definitely work, it better xD
i even gained the help of esther 8D (damnit she bribed me ==)
did i mention talkin to that major poof today ? yeah, whatta poof(:
goshh~ i didnt see my sunshine today D;
actually, it really was quite an ordinary day. school goes on...
i'm counting down, 3 more days of gayshieeet =X
and then school's over for `O9, oh yeahh
too look forward to tmrw, seeing mr. poof maybe? MY SUNSHINEEEEE(:, commerce party xD and OH-EM-GEE evil witch at swimming.
omg, so gay that i wouldn't be looking forward to ToT

goodnightt~ blogg


Saturday, December 5, 2009

First blog~

hey, i doubt i'd get any followers, but this shit is weird. everyone's got it. why not try it? always try the new stuff. so like yeah, live life as it comes.
ok seeing as this is my first blog,i should probably cut it short. wanna edit and crap. sounds fun sorta?